The Best Cordless Camping Hair Dryers Of 2021

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Female camper camping hair dryer results

Last Updated On July 20, 2021

The Best Camping Hair Dryer We Reviewed In 2021 Is…

You cannot keep your hair smooth, sleek, and clean without a dryer. But how can you dry your hair during a camping trip? The answer is simple. You have to buy cordless hair dryer’s. Conventional dryers are bulky. They consume too much space, and they cannot work without a traditional power supply. The only way to level up your hair care to what it deserves on a camping trip is to buy a battery powered hair dryer.

What is a cordless travel hair dryer?

The answer is in the name. A cordless hairdryer is just like a conventional hairdryer. The only notable difference is the power cable and cable length. A cordless dryer has batteries.

You don’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet to use it.

Cordless dryers are perfect for camping because they are lightweight, compact, and easy to store and transport.

Portable cordless hair dyer used indoors and outdoors
The cordless hair dyer has moved away from just the local salon, make sure to pack one for your hair type on outdoor trips

Who uses travel hair dryer’s?

Cordless dryers probably sound like some niche tool that is only useful to a small section of society. But that is far from true. Cordless dryers play a significant role in the lives of several groups of people, including:


This was already touched upon above, but it bears repeating. Cordless dryers are perfect for campers, especially traditional campers. RV campers can use conventional dryers if their vehicles have the relevant utilities.

But for traditional campers that must venture into the wilderness with nothing but the bag on their back, a cordless hair dryer is a lifesaver that will keep bad hair days away.


Campers are not the only people that have a desperate need for hairdryers. If you fly frequently, you have probably encountered your fair share of outlets in hotel rooms that could not accommodate your hair dryer’s plug.

One solution is to carry multiple hairdryers with varying types of plugs. But it would be so much cheaper and easier to bring a cordless hair dryer.


Hair dryer’s are probably the last thing on your mind whenever you go jogging or cycling. But they matter to people that frequent the gym.

No one wants to leave the gym looking like they lost a fight with their comb.

But while most gyms have power outlets, they are limited. Rather than waiting in line to plug your hair dryer into an outlet, you are better off carrying a portable dryer that you can use regardless of the availability of power outlets.


If you don’t travel and rarely visit the gym, you probably think that cordless hairdryers have nothing to offer you. But you shouldn’t be so quick to jump to that conclusion. Blackouts happen all the time.

Some are short-lived, lasting just a few minutes. Others can last several hours, if not days. A cordless hair dryer isn’t affected by blackouts.

It is especially useful in locations that are suffering from blackouts as a result of a natural disaster.


Children and conventional dryers do not mix. Children don’t know how to sit still, which is why blowing their hair with a hair dryer attached to an electrical outlet will present several complications.

A cordless dryer, the kind that campers use, gives you more flexibility.


Human beings are not the only creatures that use hairdryers. If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, you know that, as children, they don’t always sit still.

A cordless dryer allows you to follow them wherever they go. You can blow dry their hair with less effort than a conventional dryer would take.

Choosing the right battery operated hair dryer

Even if you already understand and appreciate all the benefits that a cordless dryer has to offer, finding one is no simple task. The market is saturated with so many models that no one would blame you for feeling intimidated.

Some factors that you can keep in mind to ensure that you select the best battery-powered hairdryer include:

Outdoors cordless hair dryer igniting bbq fire coals
The cordless hair dryer is perfect for flaming coals


Cordless hair dryers use either internal or external batteries. External batteries are ordinary batteries that you can insert and remove at will.

Internal batteries have to be recharged. Your choice of a battery life will depend on your preferences.

Some people gravitate towards external batteries because internal batteries require quite a bit of patience as you wait for them to recharge.

Consumers that prefer internal batteries are encouraged to take the charging time into account. The faster a cordless dryer can charge, the better.


Dryers come in various sizes. Some are large and bulky. Others are compact with a folding handle and lightweight. Each design has advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, the bulkiest dryers typically possess powerful, longer-lasting batteries. But small hair dryers are more comfortable to store and transport.


Dryers commonly feature a variety of accessories. Some hair dryers have diffusers and a folding handle that will prevent your hair from getting caught in the dryer.

Other diffusers will infuse oil into your hair even as they dry it. You also have unique nozzles that cater to wigs, weaves, extensions, and the like.

You should take the attachments into account when buying a dryer. They will enhance the value of the product you have selected.

Best cordless dryers

If you can’t be bothered to trowel the market in search of the best cordless hairdryers for your needs, you can simply make your selection from the list below:

Scnvo Cordless Lithium Battery Profession Baby Hairdryer

Scnvo Cordless Lithium Battery Profession Baby Hairdryer

This is a light dryer with a sturdy build and a body whose design is suitable for children. Because the batteries use a lithium polymer that does not disperse electromagnetic energy, the dryer is perfectly safe for babies.

CHI Hand Shot Hairdryer

CHI Hand Shot Handle-Free Hair Dryer

This is a reliable hairdryer with an innovative folding handle design and a light, compact body that simplifies storage and transportation. It is convenient to use and carry because it doesn’t consume much space.

It uses ‘Raid Clean Technology’ that will combat the accumulation of bacteria in the hairdryer. The ceramic heater provides consistent heating to keep your hair smooth and sleek.

JYY Cordless Portable Hair Dryer

JYY Cordless Portable Hair Dryer

This tool has a sturdy plastic exterior that will survive the rigors of camping. It has a nozzle that maximizes airflow. It has the two most important features you need and that is its lightweight and high efficiency.

And for the stylist that pays special attention to detail, The advanced tourmaline ion technology uses negative ions to protect your hair and has a 55 degree Celsius thermostat that protects your hair form damage.

Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Blow Dryer

Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Dryer

This blow dryer will reduce frizz and flyaways. It uses a high-speed digital motor that dries hair very quickly.

It has an intelligent heat settings system that ensures that your hair is exposed to the right temperatures to increase its shine. Plenty of consumers will appreciate the fact that it is so quiet.

The weaknesses of cordless hairdryers

Portable hair dryer melting car ice outside
Having difficulties opening your iced car door? A portable hair dryer can help

Cordless hairdryers are a must-have for campers. However, they are not perfect, and you should take some of their weaknesses into account before you buy one, for instance:

Battery operated

You cannot use a cordless blow dryer for the same duration as a corded blow dryer. Cordless dryers use batteries that have limitations.

Some of them will deplete in a few minutes. Others can last a little longer, but not as long as a corded blow dryer.

Thick hair

If you have thick hair, cordless dryers might not deliver the results you want. This is because thick hair requires the highest heat setting to dry and style, and many cordless dryers cannot operate at that level, not for long.


The airflow of a conventional hairdryer far exceeds that of a cordless blow dryer. Many cordless dryers have a weak airflow.


The batteries that many cordless dryers use tend to overheat. You cannot use the dryers continuously. They have to be rested every so often to prevent overheating.


Portable cordlress hair dryer used to ignite coal for cooking
Quick starting a barbecue is made easy with a battery powered hair dryer

As you can see, cordless dryers are the only rational choice for camping trips. However, they are not perfect. In some cases, you are better off using a conventional dryer.

Additionally, finding the right camping hairdryer takes time. You have to consider several factors into consideration to land the right model.

Though, if you can find a decent cordless blow dryer, it won’t disappoint.