Is Camping Fun? Let Us Convince You With 10 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun.

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Father and Son camping

Last Updated On July 20, 2021

10 Reasons Down To Earth Reasons Why Camping Is Fun!

With the ever increasing demographic of city dwellers moving to regional locations, camping has seen a boom in popularity and interest. The activity has been qualified as a gateway experience to a more minimal, down to earth lifestyle.

Yet, in a small handfull of examples, the gap is too wide for city dwellers that experience being cut off from everyday comforts of life and electronic devices. Vowing to never return again after a bad first experience or encounter with camping.

In this article I will lay out the positive aspects as to why camping is fun and to give it a shot (or another one).

Make lifelong memories

Young friends creating memories while camping
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Spending quality time with your family and friends camping is a great way to create long-lasting memories that will be cherished forever. Take your next vacation out of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature with your family members. Some of my favorite memories growing up are from camping trips when I would camp with my family. Grab some tents, hotdogs, and sleeping bags, leave home, and make some memories around a campfire.

Camping is an excellent opportunity to try new activities with your family. Bring some cards or games with you or make up your own at the campsite. Bring a group of friends or your family on a trip into the wild to play and enjoy themselves and nature. Go camping for life experiences and memories. Not just any trip has as many opportunities for fun as a camping trip does.

Explore unknown places and do new things

Exploring new places on the way to secluded camping site
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The best way to see the world or even your backyard is camping out in nature. Camping is one of the best reasons to travel and meet new people. Hike out to see a waterfall, look over a viewpoint, gaze at the stars, run through the fields, and more. Camping in alternative places gives you a unique vacation every time for a low cost and endless chances for exploration. You can set up some tents almost anywhere you can find a campground. There are more ways and opportunities to see the natural world while camping. Take a chance on traveling to a new place; you might discover something you love about it.

Watch the wildlife

Wildlife watching while camping is fun
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Watching animals in the wild, interacting in their natural habitat is a fantastic experience. The more time you spend in nature hiking and camping, the more you’ll see of its critters and creatures. Seeing birds fly around, squirrels scamper, and deer foraging. You will feel so much closer to animals when they are just a few feet away from you. Seeing animals in their natural habitat can be even more impressive than seeing them in a zoo.

Don’t just look for cute bunnies and deer but also try to appreciate the bugs and creepy crawlies you would usually kick out of your home. Close your eyes and listen carefully for frogs, birds, coyotes, and more. Keep an eye out for animal tracks, fallen feathers, and scat.


Stargazing while camping is fun
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It’s hard to see many stars in the city with all the light pollution, but you can see so many more stars in the night sky when you go out into the countryside. Bring flashlights to find your way around the camp after dark or use the light of the fire. Even if you don’t know any constellations, the stars are the most beautiful when you are camping. The more you look at the stars, the more you will start to recognize the familiar shapes and patterns. Try making your own constellations and stories based on the stars you see. If you watch the sky long enough, you may even spot a shooting star. Some places have shooting star or meteor shower events as well. You won’t see such a beautiful night sky when you are living the city life, but one camping trip can change that for you.

Make a campfire and roast marshmallows

Campfires and marshmallows is fun
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Build your own campfire to cook your dinner on and even roast some hot dogs or marshmallows. Bring your food from home to roast on the campfire and enjoy a hot meal. Sitting by the campfire after a long day of hiking is my favorite part of camping. Try out your storytelling skills and share your best scary campfire story. Build a fire next to your tent and stay up all night long listening to the fire crackle and your friends and family talk about everything and anything.


Hiking while camping is great fitness and fun
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Hiking and camping out in nature is an adventure every time. You will see fresh places, animals, ecosystems and get a great workout. Walk through the woods and surround yourself in the trees, breathe in the fresh air, and forget your worries. Leave your home and the city for a weekend to hike and see the beauty of nature. Find a water source or swimming hole to hike to and feel the refreshing water. One of the best ways to meet other campers is on the hiking trail.

Hiking is a great workout and a fun way to stay healthy. If you plan a longer hike, you can go on some practice walks through your neighborhood to help you prepare for it. You can hike solo or make it a group activity for many people to enjoy. Bring some snacks and food for longer hikes and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Stretch your legs before and after a long trek to prevent cramping up.

Set up a tent and sleep outdoors

Two friends camping in winter outside white capped mountaines with tent
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Campgrounds are a great place to practice your survival skills with cooking, setting up a shelter, and more. Put up a tent or drive-in with your RV. Have the kids help set up the tent and roll-put their sleeping bags for the night. Bring the comforts of home into the outdoors with your favorite camping foods, sleeping bag, and games. If you are the lucky owner of an RV or camper, then you could have an even more luxurious experience. Life skills are best learned on camping trips because it is more fun for kids to try new things out for themselves in the wild. Campfires provide a better opportunity for more engaging conversations than classrooms do.

Set your schedule

Waking up and making coffee on own time camping is fun
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When you are camping, there is no strict itinerary or schedule that you have to follow. You can do what you want when you want and go with the flow. One of the best reasons to go camping is for the freedom and relaxation that comes with just spending time in nature. Camping is fun and easy because you don’t have to plan out every hour of your day. You can wake up whenever you like, hike or do whatever you want, and eat whenever you please. Take a camping trip to spend time with your family in nature, not in the car or at a restaurant. Deadlines, appointments, and reservations don’t matter when you are camping.

Bring your pets on vacation with you

Camping and campfire coffee marshmallows and puppy
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Your pets love seeing new places just as much as we do, so take them with you on your next vacation and make it a camping trip that they will love. Dogs especially love seeing and smelling new plants, animals, and people. Campgrounds are a great place for your pets to have the time of their lives. Let your pet share your sleeping bag or get them their own to use. Don’t just bring your favorite person camping; bring your favorite pet too; what’s better than talking your dog on a walk in the wild.

Learn new things

Learning how to make a campfire and cook is fun
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There is so much to discover when you are camping, from the natural world around you to the history of the place you are camping in. Many campsites and hiking locations have informational signs and even visitor centers to learn more about the history and nature around you. Talk to the park rangers and wildlife managers and see what you can learn from them. Information about your campsite can always be found online as well; you can even check Pinterest for some more camping tips and items.

You can also learn a lot about the people you are camping with, see a new side from your family members, significant other, and friends. There is a lot to learn from each other when you are in an intimate and distraction-free landscape.

Practice your life skills and survival skills as you set up your campsite and find your way through a hike. You might even get the chance to go fishing or swimming. Let your child experience life in the wild and see how they thrive.

Bonus tips for making camping more fun

Camping break around campfire camping is fun
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If camping doesn’t seem fun to you or you have had a lousy experience camping in the past, here are some tips to make camping more fun. The most important thing about camping is coming prepared. Do your research on where you are going and make sure you have the appropriate weather gear. Bring enough wood to last you for longer than you may think.

Campfires are one of the most enjoyable things about camping, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on some fun campfire activities because your wood smoldered out. Speaking about fires, if you have never started your own fire before, make sure you bring the right supplies; a fire starter kit is excellent for beginners.

Bring comfortable bedding and blankets to keep you warm in your tent, so you are not freezing all night. Wear layers and pack extra socks to put on at night. Depending on where you go, you might also need bug spray. Getting bit up by mosquitos or spiders won’t be fun the next day and may ruin a great camping trip. The same goes for sun protection; wear sunscreen and a hat to prevent sunburns and irritation later on.